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Hello, this is a brief introduction to Balik Pulau, Penang, MALAYSIA, where is my lovely hometown. Hope that you will find the info here useful and feel free to sign the guest book.


Balik Pulau simply means 'the other side of the island'. Just on the northwestern coast of the Penang Island is the fruit bowl of Penang featuring fruit plantations and spice gardens. The best fruit including durian (as shown on the right side), rambutan, langsat, duku, mangosteen, nutmeg, clove and star fruit. Durian is well known as 'the King of fruit'. Its textures and flavors were ranging from smooth and fragrant to husky and bittersweet. A lot of people visit Balik Pulau just to taste durian. The other famous food in Balik Pulau is 'Laksa'. Laksa is a kind of spicy food. It makes out of fish soup, which is spicy with noodles. The best time to visit Balik Pulau are the months of November, January and May until July when the harvest is at its prime. Here are some pictures of the fruit.
Here you will also get the chance to mingle and experience the rustic and traditional Malay lifestyles. If architecture is your fancy, then the little Malay country houses on stilts with elaborate carvings will most definitely interest you.

Balik Pulau Kampung Houses
Kampung means village in Malay language. The traditional Malay kampung houses of Balik Pulau feature elaborate carvings, traditional roofs, long windows and verandahs. The design of these houses are also functional - stilts or posts supporting the house above the ground allows for free air circulation and hence make it cooler.

Three ways to get to the beautiful Balik Pulau
There are three accessible routes to Balik Pulau. One is by following the coastal road all the way round the island-take the Teluk Bahang road to Balik Pulau. By following this way, you can view the beautiful beaches, forests, and farms of durian. The second way is via Sungei Nibong road. You will drive through some small fishing villages. You probably can get fresh and cheap fishes from those villages. The third way is the fastest way to reach Balik Pulau. This way is via Air Itam and Paya Terubong. You can view Penang and Balik Pulau beautiful scenario by following this way as it passes over a small hill. A very clear and beautiful sunset can view on the way of this road. Balik Pulau features beautiful landscapes for photography. Actually, there is another way to Balik Pulau, but this way is not common use. Since Balik Pulau located near beaches and a lot of jetties were built for fisherman. So, you can take a boat to Balik Pulau. But it is kinda weird ;)


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